Keka Software

Keka Software is a software company that aims to produce high quality, innovative and robust solutions.

Our Solutions

You can find detailed information about our services and solutions below.

Financial Solution Services

As Keka Software, with our automated recording and transaction storage of your personal or commercial financial information

APP Production for VR

By turning your idea or product into an App with Virtual Reality technology, we offer you different solutions to Keka Software.

Visual Solutions

We offer different solutions with devices such as "Smart Mirrors" using augmented reality technology.

APP Production

As Keka Software, we offer iOS & Android-based applications for your company or product.

APP Production for AR

As Keka Software, we are here to add your ideas, projects, or works to the real world as a new virtual layer.

Digital Marketing Services

We offer solutions for all marketing processes you need in the internet environment with our expert team members.

Would you like to explore our services in other areas?

Click to see the details of our services in the gaming industry, animation, drawing designs and many more.